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Talentbank Digital Career Festival | Tutorial (1) : How to register as a candidate

Talentbank Digital Career Festival | Tutorial (2) : How to update your Personal Profile and Resume

Talentbank Digital Career Festival - Tutorial (3) : How to apply for a job

For Employers

It is a virtual career fair where employers and job seekers meet in a virtual environment, using chat rooms, teleconferencing, webinars and/or email to exchange information about job openings.

We are primarily targeting candidates who are graduates and/or in their final year of study from both public and private universities across Malaysia through our partnership with Universities. We are also open to the public, which includes working professionals and job seekers who have graduated more than a year, specifically between the ages of 20 to 24 years old.

Talentbank Digital Career Festival is supported by the Kementerian Pendidikan Malaysia, Jabatan Pendidikan Tinggi, MDEC and Career Development Centre Club Malaysia. Sponsors were being shown on our front page as well.

We are based in Malaysia, hence the target audience will be mostly malaysian students, locally based. However, this is not a limitation. Since it is a virtual platform, those who are studying abroad are able to  create an account to seek a career opportunity back home.

All you need is a working desktop computer, laptop or any smart devices with webcam, microphone and an access to internet. Chrome or Firefox browser are recommended.

The main reason for this initiative is due to the COVID-19 situation which has put all Career Fairs, including ours, on hold affecting both sides of the recruitment process. Thus, we proposed an alternative solution that may cater to your recruitment needs. Both employers who are looking for candidates and job seekers who are unemployed will now be able to browse and search within the safety and comforts of their home whilst practising safe social distancing.

We use social media ads to target job seekers to suit your needs.

Usually 2 months. The website is accessible 24 hours a day. So, there is no time limit for job seekers to browse through at their own pace.

As we practice good social distancing, we give you ten reasons why choose Talentbank Digital Career Festival: –

  1. Remotely post and receive resumes, self-adjusting to suit your criteria. No geographical boundaries
  2. Save traveling time and manpower; no need for physical booth design and setup, and manning crowds
  3. Reach out to more talented candidates across the country
  4. Able to catch up and check out current market’s needs and trends
  5. Set up interviews online at the comfort and safety of your own.
  6. Build candidate pipelines as you gain access to diverse background and skill sets talents
  7. Cloud sharing materials and resources without leaving the usual carbon footprint. Environmentally friendly
  8. Amp up your Employer Branding by linking your web page to the Digital Career Festival, where you can design your personalised e-booth
  9. Excite visitors’ experience by using prerecorded or live webinars, or broadcast an important message from your CEO
  10. Get actual measurable results and real-time insights to determine event ROI and overall effectiveness

We encourage fair competitions for the benefit of our job seekers. Having said that, we will have to vet through interested participants to ensure these are prominent and trusted companies (SSM cert maybe required for SMEs or lesser known companies). First few to sign up will have first allotments so you’ll be in good company.

Job seekers may drop their resumes and answer a few questions provided by potential employers. Job seekers may seek companies’ post which links to their website providing a wealth of information on the companies and a list of their job openings. All information can be digested at the job seekers own pace. Companies are also able to post any jobs here as well. Besides that, there are chat sessions, webinars, and online presentations at specific times. 

It is backup and saved on cloud every few hours, so we are safe from any ransom and malware attacks. It is also SSL encrypted. 

You can sign up by clicking on the top right button at the homepage and filling up your details accordingly.

Once you have signed up successfully, you can begin postings.

We heavily promote on Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn to reach a wide network of quality job seekers.

Free for unlimited job posting, paid for enhanced employer brand impressions. 

By end of festival, we will share you the festival report. 

  1. Cover Photo – Hi-Res photo is best

  2. Gallery – Prepare 3 to 6 photos to showcase your company’s work culture, events, gatherings, annual dinners and many others

  3. Benefits – List between 3 to 15 benefits

  4. FAQ – List between 5 to 15 FAQ (Questions that you answered repeatedly at Career Fairs)

  5. Videos – Share your corporate YouTube links

  6. Job Vacancies – You may post unlimited vacancies 


  1. I need help in uploading my logos & images

  2. I have my JD in PDF format, and I need help for data entry

Key Contacts:

  1. Project Director: Tong Li Kiat @ 016-9286078

  2. Tech Support (9am – 6pm): Guryon Leong @ 016-5962763

  3. Feedbacks: Ben @ 012-3111021

In order to remove a job posting, click the “edit job” button located at “my jobs” under your dashboard, and backdate the application deadline to an older date. Deactivated posting will no longer show up on the website. 

For Candidates

Getting Started

You may register by clicking at the “REGISTER” button on the top right corner of the screen and select the “Candidate” profile and begin filling out the required information and checking your email (both inbox & spam) for the activation email. Please note that the registered username may not be changed later on.

To create the resume, click on to the “My resume” section under your profile and start by filling in the required information. For resume uploading, only PDF file is accepted.

To trace back all the overall statistics of respective candidates, please look at  the “Dashboard” section to examine your overall application data, under four categories: Applied Jobs, Shortlisted, Review and also Views. 

In the scenario where you have requested for multiple activation email, please click on the link sent from the latest email that you received.

Simply click on the “My Applied” section under your profile.


It is not compulsory to include an introduction video for your profile registration.

We only allow you to place in 2 social networking sites; Facebook and LinkedIn.

Yes, you are able to customize to your preferred locations by searching for the location / state that you prefer to work in

Yes, you have the option to filter your search according to your preferred team size company.

Most definitely! Just remember to hit the “Save Resume” button everytime you edit.

If you have successfully uploaded your resume, it is still compulsory for you to fill in the rest of the sections as it allows employers to have a quick glance at your details. This will boost your chances at getting shortlisted.

Most definitely.  Just click on the “Change Password” section under your profile.

Getting connected

Yes, you are able to share the link of any of the job postings made by the employers to Facebook and/or LinkedIn.

Unfortunately, we have not included a function to allow candidates to directly message the employers. However, for employers that have shared their email address, you may email them separately.