IT Graduate Program

Application ends: December 31, 2021
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The INMAGINE IT Graduate Program is an employment program specially designed to provide recent IT graduates or early professionals with an opportunity to work side-by-side with the in-house tech experts both locally and abroad. At the end of the 36 months’ program, you will gain an amazing learning experience and dive deeper into the SaaS and tech industry.

What do we offer?

  • Double Major
    • Why choose when you can pursue your interest in the same disciplinary field of IT. Without experiencing a heavier workload, you will get to rotate your roles once within the IT Department in the span of 36 months. You will become a better thinker as you effectively experience what works and where your skills will shine the brightest. Inmagine – where you are meant to be!
  • Guided Learning & Development
    • Accelerate professional development as you will be groomed and supervised by tech folks through on-the-job learning. While you are at it, we desire that you innovate, improve and change for the better! You will only have a breakthrough when you dare to imagine the difference.
  • Close-knit Inmagine Family
    • It is not work-life “balance” but integration – there is just one life. We make accommodation when you need it. Flexible as we may be, we value communication and engagement that makes your job worthwhile. Having an exclusive onboarding program, Peer Support group, or warm greeting just go to prove that we are connected.
  • Ownership and Meaningful Projects
    • Working hard for something we care about is what we call passion. For all your hard work, it will be accounted for in rewards and recognition. Beyond the confirmation of your probation, a step forward in your career would be a job promotion and/or expansion at the end of the program. All it takes is that you strive for good work standards and take pride in it.
  • Simply #LifeWithInmagine
    • It is a journey of self discovery with Inmagine as you explore and realise your potential. Believe and you will make an impact on millions in the region sooner than you know.


What are the available disciplinary fields a.k.a. streams?

The INMAGINE IT Graduate Program will place you into one of our streams below: –

  • Stream A:- Web Application Development & Security & Engineering
    • As a Back-End Developer, Front-End Developer, Systems Engineer, DevOps Engineer, or IT Security Engineer.
  • Stream B:- Mobile Application Development
    • As an Android Developer or iOS Developer.
  • Stream C:- Data & Business Intelligence (AI)
    • As a Data Analyst or Machine Learning Engineer.


What does it take to sign up?

  • The prerequisites* include: –
    • Stream A: PHP, Laravel, NodeJS, Python, MYSQL, NOSQL, ReactJS, Typescript & Linux.
    • Stream B: Swift & Kotlin.
    • Stream C: Data Analytics, machine/deep learning in structured and unstructured data (computer vision, natural language processing), backend web development & virtual machine and containerization technologies (Docker).
  • A Bachelor’s / Master’s degree in Information Technology / Computer Science / Artificial Intelligence or equivalent.
  • A final year university students or graduate with maximum 2 years of working experience.
  • Strong capacity for academic excellence with min CGPA 3.70 and/or IT projects/portfolios.
  • A passionate individual who possesses a can-do attitude.
  • An enthusiast who thirst for knowledge and excellence in IT/Data/AI/mobile applications.
  • A problem solver who possesses critical thinking skills and effective communication skills.
  • A team player who collaborates and adapts in dynamic environments.



  • Medical and Insurance Coverages – We have got you covered.
  • Subsidies – Whether it is dental, optical, parking, or medical check-up? All of these will come in handy!
  • Opportunities – Above training and guidance, you will have the opportunity to try, to build your confidence and become your best self, and to interact and build a strong relationship.
  • Rocking Diversity – Play hard, work harder with people of diverse skill sets and experiences! Challenge yourself to step out of your comfort zone, and you’ll find yourself growing in ways you’d never imagine.
  • INMAGINE Cafe @ FREE Lunch & Snacks – Just order a dish from our mobile apps from the daily menu and our amazing “INMAGINE’s Chefs” will cook for you!