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Application ends: May 31, 2021
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Interested in the world of Fast Moving Consumer Goods? Here at Vinda Group SEA, we get our interns industry ready. The Vinda Internship Programme is a hands-on learning experience. We give you the space to work on real projects, make real progress, and see real growth.

Among the functions our Web Development Interns may be involved in:
1. Development of web apps (building new apps for organisation) internal solutions/micro sites
2. Interns are involved in the entire software development cycle: From demand request all the way to final product
3. Interns will also work on developing and enhancing corporate website

Journey with us and find yourself ready to enjoy your future career!
• Gain a better understanding about how the industry works.
• Utilize your university knowledge in the workplace
• Acquire the necessary experience required to kick-start your career

Our minimum duration for internships is 12-weeks. If you are:
• Currently pursuing a bachelor’s degree or higher.
• Completing your internship as part of your course
• Have a CGPA 3.0 and above (year-to-date results).

Who should apply? Students who are studying:

1. IT/ Information Systems and Technology
2. Software Engineering

Apply here to get one step closer to the Vinda Internship Programme experience!