Talentbank Digital Career Festival is a digital career festival that will run for 60 days which aims to attract 1,000,000 student impressions nationwide. This is an excellent platform to boost employer branding, promote internships and graduate employment opportunities. You will be exhibiting alongside other leading employers across different industries. Engage firsthand with primed candidates and highlight your organisation as an employer of choice amongst the students.

Event Information
1. Time: 24/7
2. Venue: www.digitalcareerfest.com
3. Rates: Complimentary for Unlimited Job Listing
4. Dates: March & April 2021, September & October 2021

Targeted Demographic
1. Age: 20 – 30 Yr Old Candidates
2. Field of Study: Tech, Sales, Marketing Accounting, Finance, Business, Engineering & Many More!
3. Location: Malaysia

Benefits to your organisation:
1. Gain over 10,000,000 Employer Brand Impressions throughout the festival.
2. Visitors are able to vote for your organisation as an Employer of Choice, and you stand a chance to be Top 5 Employers in Graduates’ Choice Award.
3. Reach out to more than 50,000 of primed candidates who are career-ready.

All in all, Talentbank Digital Career Festival is purpose-built to connect amazing employers with amazing graduates directly in a way that has never been done before.